Odd Monster is one of the official vendors for the spooky, virtual j-fashion event, Gramarye! We will be launching a small tote bag collection in line with the event on 10/30. You do NOT need to be part of this event to purchase, but they have a lot of fun stuff planned, so if you are a member of the J-fashion community and love spooky Halloween themed events, head over to their website to check them out!

The tote bags that are launching are inspired by old school gothic lolita brand totes. They are made from 100% cotton canvas, hand embellished with cluny lace and ribbons, and screen-printed with various covers from out-of-print Japanese horror magazine covers from the 80's. They will also have "blood" splatters on the front and back.

This is going to be a very limited run, as these are all handmade by me, so please keep an eye on our social media to see when they go live!


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